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It’s illegal for a United States timeshare resale company to resell a timeshare or vacation club

Make sure you know who can legally sell your timeshare or vacation ownership for you, and who can not. For example it is the law in the United States that timeshare & vacation ownership resale companies, who can sell your timeshare or vacation ownership on your behalf, must be a licensed real estate broker. %95 or the timeshare resale company are not licensed. More Info..

I've listed before with no offers or phone calls, why?

Most people are not aware that it's prohibitive by federal law in the U.S.A for a timeshare or vacation ownership resale company to resell a timeshare or vacation ownership unless they are a licensed real-estate broker.  Approximately 95% of the U.S timeshare or vacation ownership resale company’s are not licensed and do not have ANY sales agents. No matter what the Agents tell you, do your homework. To determine if they are licensed, view the company's TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of their websites.

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Sell My Timeshare Now

Be very careful with what you read on the internet regarding timeshares and vacation ownerships.  The websites you were looking at would have been primarily from the United States.  In the United States it’s illegal for their timeshare and vacation ownership resale companies to have sales agents and sell timeshare, all they can do is advertise the unit for sale on a website.  The problem with websites is when it comes to timeshares or vacation ownerships, they are a product that people very rarely talk about and give very little though about until they are sitting with a sales agent at the resort,  and within a two hours period, walk out with a new timeshare or vacation ownership.  Because it's a product that people never shop for, people just don’t look on websites for timeshare.  Our statistics show that 80% of people looking at timeshare or vacation ownership websites are sellers, not buyers.  So when looking at pricing from a US resale website, generally the ads have been on there for years, the reason they are so low is due to the years they have been on the resale market and the sellers just don’t think they have any value.  With our agents we have, were able to build value to the timeshare just like the resort was able to do and generally sell for quite a bit more.

Why consumers buy timeshare & vacation ownerships

Spacious, high-quality accommodations. A timeshare resale is truly a home away from home, the high quality of timeshare and timeshare resales and vacation ownership accommodations offered at timeshare and vacation ownership resorts typically include: More Info..

How long will it take to resell my timeshare?

No one can accurately determine a specific length of time. There are many factors that will influence the resale of your timeshare including location, resort quality, flexibility of usage, season, demand and, of course, price

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